Game Rules


The object of this game is to complete a consecutive run of any ten (10) amendments to the United States Constitution.


One, two, or three individual players; or two teams of two.


Each amendment card played counts 5 points. Each Liberty Card and “We the People” Card played counts 10 points. Add a bonus of 25 points for using all ten Bill of Rights/Liberty cards for completing the consecutive run.  The player/team that completes the run of 10 amendments ending the hand gets a bonus of 20 points.

122 cards in the deck:  Article V 4u2 Amend (12); Judicial Review Unconstitutional (3); Filibuster (3); Cloture (7); Liberty (7); “We the People” (7); 27 amendments with three each  (81); Play diagram / Amendment list (2).

PlayerLayout - 1 - 495 wide

Rules of Play:

1. Deal each player five cards. Place remaining cards face down on one side of the card tray or playing surface.

2. Each hand of play begins with the player to left of the dealer.

3. End of hand occurs immediately when one player/team completes a consecutive run of ten amendments.

4. Each turn of play consists of three steps:  (a) begin by drawing cards from either the face down or the discard stack to bring the total number of cards in your hand to seven; all cards must be drawn from the same stack; (b) play if possible; (c) discard one card face up beside the draw stack. If all cards in a player’s hand are played on a turn, it is not necessary to discard a card. When the face-down draw stack is gone, shuffle the discard stack and continue play.

5.  An Article V 4u2 Amend card must be played before a run is started.  Place the Article V 4u2 Amend card vertically in front of the individual or team member playing. At least three consecutive amendments are needed to break out a run. More than one run may be played during a hand. During a player’s turn, additions to the runs may be made by adding one or more cards at a time, as long as the run is kept intact.  An Article V 4u2 Amend card and breakout of a run may occur during the same turn.

6.  Stopping another player/team from playing or adding amendments is achieved by: (a) playing a Judicial Review Unconstitutional card; (b) playing a Filibuster card. Unconstitutional or Filibuster cards may be played on an opponent even though they have not yet played an Article V 4u2 Amend card. Place these cards horizontally beside that player/team’s Article V 4u2 Amend card. The remedy for an Unconstitutional card is play of an Article V 4u2 Amend card.  The remedy for a Filibuster card is play of a Cloture card. To resume play of amendments, place the remedy card on top of the card that stopped play. Play of the remedy card and adding amendment cards may occur during the same turn of play. A player/team may continue to draw and discard even though they are stopped from playing amendments.

7. Liberty Card may be played in place of any of the Bill of Rights amendments, cards 1 thru 10.

8. “We the People” Card may be used in place of amendment cards 11 thru 27.

9. Each player must identify the subject and number of each amendment played prior to discarding a card and ending a turn.  Failure to identify the subject and number of each amendment played prior to the discard of a card by a player results in the loss of that player’s next turn, but only if challenged before the next player begins play by drawing from the stack.

10. End of game occurs when three hands have been completed. The player/team with the most points is the winner. A predetermined amount of time or a predetermined number of points may also be used to end a game.