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The Game

Repetition is the basis for all learning.

For ages 8 to adult, this card game provides the best of all learning environments by engaging multiple senses in the learning process. It is equally effective whether it is played at home around the kitchen table or in a more formal setting of the classroom at school.

Discover how quickly and easily you can learn the 27 amendments to the United States Constitution and the process that makes it happen.

Article V 4u2 Amend provides an excellent opportunity to complement classroom instruction at school or home. If you like to play table and card games, this one is for you.

Regarding this hand, ever the teacher, Gary Banz says:

Each turn consists of three steps: 1) draw to bring the number of cards in your hand to seven; 2) play if you can; and 3) discard one card.

Player A: With these seven cards in your hand and it is your turn to play… 1) lay down the Article V card which allows you to begin a run of amendments; 2) lay down cards 2, 3 and 4 to begin a run (don’t forget to identify each by number and subject); 3) discard either the #15 or #16 and keep the #6 because it will be needed to complete the run of 10. After you discard, ending your turn, you will have two cards in your hand. When it is your turn again, you will draw cards (in this case 5) to bring the number of cards in your hand to seven and proceed to play your next turn.